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Cleaning Brush
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  • Ergonomically designed .
  • Gentle to any type of bottles materials.
  • Can be used for all containers and bottles, wide or standard neck.
  • Fully steam and UV sterilisable.
  • Extra soft, removable TPE ribbed- tipped handle.
  • 360 degrees rotating handle moves easily with slight amount of force so washing is easy
  • Holder easy to store with hook
  • Luxury of German's highest density sponge
  • Curves in sponge greatly improves contact & adhesion inside of bottle so hard to clean areas are reached
  • Soft sponge with dense surface boosts rich foam with excellant cleaning power
  • 80ppi high density German made sponge material

-Made by non-toxic silicone approved by US FDA
-Make more foam to have outstanding cleaning power
-360 degree revolution handle which so convenient
-Less scratch on feeding bottle compare to normal nylon brush
-Made in Korea

  • Non-toxic silicone material is used that was approved by US FDA.
  • Outstanding durability of silicone can be used semi-permanently compared to sponge.
  • Dense silicone brush has 3 layers to make more foam and has outstanding cleaning power.
  • Straight shape of brush has an equal force delivery to wash more easily.
  • Makes less scratch on the feeding bottle compared to nylon brush and hard to be contaminated by foreign substances.
  • Hot water disinfection is possible and it dries fast to be used hygienic all the time. (NOTE: handle and brush holder can be deformed with longer time of hot water disinfection)
  • Soft nylon brush minimizes possible scratches
  • Long straw can be washed as well
  • Narrow straw can be washed hygienically
  • Easy to store with its own handle and power maintenance washes corner of the straw tube to wash more cleanly
  •  High density sponge is easy to dry and does no scratches to feeding bottle and nipples.
  •  The sponge is manufactured through high temperature treatment which is more durable than normal one 
  • Easily cleans small components and accessories
  •  360° rotating handle, efficiently and thoroughly removes stains.

* Safe and easy to use. Unique nylon bristle could be sterilized with various sterilizers. 

* Stainless steel screw.

*Safer and durable.